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alertSafe Alert Report sets the standard for easy access to pertinent information, Tips, articles and discoveries. Safe Alert Report is a digital publication, published by sponsors whom wish create a way for Young people as well as adults alike to learn how to protect themselves from criminal activity.

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Featured within our publications are helpful crime prevention information and tips, aimed at preparing Teens and Parents  to focus on preventative measures . We have taken the time to develop a medium entirely angled towards alerting the people to all the many dangers out there waiting for the unprepared.  Crimes that hurt our communities such as  Vandalism, Property Damage, Robbery, Theft, Scams, Violence, Abuse, Rape, murder, even bullying and many more have plagued us and our communities for far too long. Even with the ever growing police forces doing an excellent job, the problem only seems to get worse over time.
It’s time to take it upon ourselves to make a change. Only with a proper understanding of the situations that arise as a result of crime.. We can take precautionary measures and prevent these crimes from happening all together. By making it hard for these criminals to commit these crimes, we discourage them.
We take your security seriously
Safe Alert Report is dedicated to decreasing your chances of becoming a victim of crime or violence. By providing positive outlook and information geared toward stopping these crimes before they happen by thinking ahead and providing yourself with the necessary tools to react and handle any situation. How would you know how to handle yourself in these types of situations if you have never thought of them ? Dealing with difficult situations is never what anyone wants to think about . To be prepared is all you can ask of yourself.Get involved and know whats happening in your communities and neiborhoods. Look out for each other…
alertCriminals look for the easy target. Don’t make things easy for them. Safe Alert magazine helps people be one step ahead of the bad guys, by having the knowledge and the tools to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

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